About Me

Meet Christine Reeves Beleznay

The Mental Toughness Trainer

As a Professional Figure Skating Coach, I have had the privilege for the last 15 years to train both on and off the ice some of the best figure skaters in the world, from Japan to the Czech Republic to the US & Canada as well as hundreds of young up and coming local skaters.

I am an NCCP Certified Skating Coach, as well as a Fitness Conditioning Expert specializing in figure skating working with athletes from the young beginner to World & Olympic Competitors.

Over the last 15 years of coaching both On and Off the ice, I have witnessed very talented and hardworking athletes fail to perform under pressure, have emotional breakdowns and battle with a lack of confidence… so many of the same difficulties that I faced and struggled with as a young skater and that limited my amateur skating career.

Skaters train many hours, their parents spend $1,000’s of dollars for on ice & off ice coaching, choreography, practice, and competitive costumes, buying the best skates and blades, and everything needed to be a champion skater but often it just wasn’t enough.

What I have found so frustrating after so many years coaching, was after months of training and preparation, programs run back to back flawlessly and with ease to watch those very same athletes fall apart in competition and not perform to their potential.

I’ve watched too many times as skaters step on the ice, glide to their starting place and set up with the “deer in headlights” look in their eyes, the doubt and fear that spread over their faces and the stiffening of the legs.The inevitable happens… the falls, the disappointment and finally the tears, another competition, another year of missed opportunities and expectations.

Over and over I have seen this happen, and as a Fitness Trainer and Coach, I go back to the drawing board and think, “I need to make them stronger, faster….then they will be able to handle the physical demands, their technique will improve and that will give them the confidence they need to perform to their potential!”

The next competition, the athletes trained longer and harder, their bodies were more fit, they were stronger, their elements and skills more consistent in practice, and the outcome?  Too often the same, yes there was often improvement due to being more fit, better trained, but not up to their potential.

What was the missing piece?

As a skater, trainer and coach that has spent her life always seeking to do better, achieve more, learn more this question was one of my most frustrating of problems as a coach.

As part of their training skaters are told how to goal set, take a deep breath, think positive, trust in your technique, focus harder, just have fun, believe in yourself and all the typical advice that we are taught as coaches to help our athletes deal with the performance anxiety and the fear of failure.

But it just didn’t seem to work, there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

Christine – The Professional Skater

For 17 years I competed and performed internationally as a professional pair skater. My pair partner and I placed in the top of our field at the professional worlds and other professional international competitions. We had the privilege of performing in 22 countries, and have been featured in TV specials, and even a Hollywood movie.

I had much to have confidence in and be proud of, but like most skaters, I was frequently plagued with perfectionism, feelings of not being as good as my competitors and colleagues.

Those insecurities were like a “Medusa” that kept rearing their ugly heads at the most inopportune time to derail even my most well-trained performances.

I distinctly remember stepping out on to the ice in a warm-up for the World Professional Pairs Competition feeling strong and confident in my ability only to feel it drain away as I set up in front of the judges and the audience for our turn to compete. That familiar feeling of my heart starting to race, my knees stiffening, my mind going from being focused and confident and switching in a heartbeat to being unfocused and filled with doubt.

As the years progressed and experience set in, I learned to fight that feeling and to even have good control over it allowing my partner and I to have great success as professional figure skaters, but that voice in the back of my mind that frequently brought up my doubts and insecurities, lack of confidence and fear of embarrassment seemed always to be looming, waiting to overwhelm my mind.

“I know I could have been even more successful in my skating career had I known about the R.A.C.E FORMULA and MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING that I teach now.

The R.A.C.E FORMULA and our MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING PROGRAM is a unique method that goes beyond the surface of positive thinking, goal setting, breathing techniques and other methods used in other programs. This systematic process delves deep into the unconscious mind, finding those blocks and fears that INTERFERE with successful performance and ELIMINATES those fears and mental blocks UNLEASHING YOUR POTENTIAL!

It is a proven method that delivers real-life results…


I have spent my life learning and gaining experience in the field of figure skating and sports conditioning training.   I truly believe that if I had this information as an amateur skater and even as a professional skater I could have achieved even more than I have and could have made many more of my skating dreams come true.

I believe that my own struggles with nerves and self-confidence have driven me to seek out answers to these problems and have inspired me to go back to school and find the tools and solutions to the challenges that all athletes deal with on a daily basis.

I am certified in the fields of Mental Toughness Training, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) Specialist Training and Life Coaching for both the High-Performance Athlete and the Professional Business Person striving to achieve their ultimate potential.

For this reason, I am dedicated to bringing my Mental Toughness Training Program, a unique combination of Body & Mind High Performance Coaching to my skaters and clients in Canada, the United States and around the world so that they too can reach their potential and realize their dreams for a joy-filled and empowered life.