What happens in a session?

Our sessions are an hour in length. Whether we meet in person, over the phone or on-line, each session begins with new discovery or if after a first session a review of skills learned in the prior session. Each session will provide an opportunity to learn how our mind operates and the connection to the physical performance.  Your personal interference pattern will be identified and what is preventing you from reaching your full potential and realizing your dreams. New methods and/or techniques are taught each week that will continually move us forward. This is where we will create a new operating system (mental control) that will lead to optimal performance and unbreakable confidence. Finally, we will wrap up the session with a recap to make sure that you have a solid understanding and take-away of the tool that you can use to move you forward and improve your performance

How much time between sessions?

The significant difference between mental toughness training and sports psychology is that mental toughness training doesn’t only teach skills for effective thinking patterns that lead to improved athletic performance but, also teaches the client their specific interference pattern and how that impacts all aspects of their life. The mental toughness trainer goes an entire level deeper than any sport psychologist, we go to the core of the problem and eliminate it.

We don’t work around a problem, we eliminate it!

What’s the difference between mental toughness training and sport psychology work?

Preferably there should be one or two weeks between each session in order to process and practice and condition the skills and tools learned and to process the discovery that has taken place during the previous session. Two weeks or more between sessions makes it difficult for the momentum to continue for the client and to maintain a cohesive learning experience; sessions will need to devote a larger portion of the current session in review. As a parent and business owner I can appreciate a busy schedule and unforeseen circumstances that pop up…I can work with your schedule to make it work!

What payment methods do you take?

All major credit cards are accepted as well the ability to pay on-line, e-transfer and PayPal. Local clients can also pay with personal check or cash.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee that I will provide you with everything you will need from a proven methodology that will work when you work with it. Just like physical training, results are never a guarantee, effort and commitment to results play a role in the success of any program… your results are best when implemented along with your entire athletic program/training.

Another question

How and when can we start?

Contact me via email for a free one on one consult. Please fill in the email form to send me a message!

We can then discuss how I can help and workout a schedule that works best for you. Meetings can be done through FaceTime, Zoom or face to face meetings at my office.