Happy New Year Friends, Skaters & Parents in the skating community!

A little info as we head into the “off-season” in the skating year calendar, 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with some skaters post Skate Canada Challenge to begin the process of goal setting for the 2020 new year skating season.  This can be daunting for skaters as they often know what outcome they want but not always the “nitty-gritty” of how to get there.  

Knowing the outcome is just the beginning.  

  • But how EXACTLY do you achieve your goals?
  • What are the monthly, weekly and daily plans for success? 
  • And once the plan is set, how do you handle the obstacles that will undoubtedly crop up?

Dealing with the obstacles both physically and mentally that are part of the competitive experience can be discouraging and even debilitating, which can threaten to sabotage even the best laid out plans for the skating season.

After a good plan is designed and set into action, it is then time to deal with the competition nerves, self-doubt, performance anxiety and fear of failure, and the best time to deal with and overcome these issues and obstacles to success is during the “off-season” when skaters are not already under pressure and stressed about upcoming competitions.  

Like learning new jumps, skills or programs the “off-season” is where all the real hard work is done, new skills, elements, programs are learned and conditioned for the upcoming competition season.

I invite you to contact me to schedule private sessions to set realistic, achievable and actionable goals, with step by step monthly, weekly and daily process goal planning to give your skater the “blueprint” or “map & flashlight” to achieve their skating goals and dreams.  Goal setting is just one of the competitive mindset tools in a successful skaters toolbox.

For more information contact me at christine@figureskatingtraining.com

As a skating parent, it can be very frustrating to see your child struggle with their consistency in practice let alone being in the stands watching a disappointing performance in competition. Or the many times on a practice session, watching your skater lose focus, doubt themselves and struggle to land new jumps or improve their overall skating ability. 

Many parents and coaches alike, have watched their skater’s become overwhelmed by performance anxiety, circling endlessly, popping jumps that you know they can land, tightening up under pressure, and all in all failing to skate to their potential. 

It truly is heartbreaking and frustrating as a parent when your child is struggling and you are at a loss as to how to help.

You know your child can skate better than they are producing, but how to help?


~ The mental side of skating.


Athletes, coaches, and parents commonly try to correct poor performance simply through more practice time, lessons or program runs, which are of course an absolute and essentially important part of the training regime but the lack of physical or technical skills are often not the real and underlying problem…..the problem is the lack of mental skills that hold skaters back from realizing their goals and skating to their potential.  

Just telling a skater to relax and breath will not produce the desired effect unless that skater has already learned and more importantly practiced visualization, focus, relaxation skills, and specific confidence-building tools, not to mention identifying exactly what is the obstacle or mental block. 

Simply telling a skater to be confident does not magically make it so.

As a parent of an elite athlete, I personally know there is nothing more gratifying and fulfilling for a parent to be there when our children step confidently up on to the stage of sport and life and fully express their talent, drive, desire, and passion…and come through with flying colours! 

When they have that kind of solid, TRUE CONFIDENCE, you can see it in their body posture, their eyes and you can hear it in their voice, right?   


You just know they are going to crush it and it’s so exciting! 

And they know it too!


Have you felt that sense of joy and pride that fills your entire body when your child comes off the ice with a huge smile, standing tall, and accepting the congratulations from everyone around in that bubble of absolute enjoyment? 

This makes worthwhile all of the trips to the arena and the cost of ice time and coaching!

We also know, all too well, the deep hurt we feel WITH THEM as we watch our children STRUGGLE when they lack confidence and underperform.   We know they have the skills and abilities to reach their goals, yet when it really counts, they just can’t step up and perform under pressure.

We know they can do it; they have worked hard, practiced and trained their programs over and over only to have their bodies fail them due to an untrained and unfocused mind.  

It is painful to watch a skater unravel during a performance.

The feeling of helplessness and frustration is something I think all parents and coaches feel during these situations as we watch our children crumble emotionally in tears of disappointment, embarrassment, and frustration. 

This doesn’t have to happen! 

Though even with these continued incidents of poor performance and emotional breakdowns I have experienced hesitation and resistance from some parents to Mental Toughness Training.

It is challenging to be a parent and even more so to be a sport parent, but without the mindset skills, the lack of ability to perform under pressure will continue and can even creep into academics and future careers.

When the athlete is confident and happy, their skill improvement and performance soar! What most young athletes don’t realize, is that success happens when you’ve built and conditioned an inner calm and self-confidence that is built from the love of their sport. Not the other way around!


This is a big part of Mental Toughness.

Performing in competition up to one’s potential is achieved when your athlete has built inner mental strength and understands how to make it happen even under the toughest pressure.

To be a great sport’s parent, your athlete needs you to be their role model, sounding board, and a loving presence when things don’t go as planned, remember….they already have coaches that see all their mistakes and judges that critique their every move, they look to you for that honest loving support.

If your child is struggling with any of the following:

  • Nerves
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Lack of focus
  • Self-doubt
  • Fears
  • Emotional Control
  • Circling & Popping
  • Lack Of Skill Achievement 


Start the new season off with Champion Mindset Tools

for a successful 2020 skating season!!


I invite you to contact me to give your child all the tools they need to be successful in their skating career, in school, and throughout their lives. 

Christine Reeves Beleznay,   CMTT, CLC, NLP    

Cell:  437-998-4459          



Wishing you and your family all the success and happiness that 2020 can bring!

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