Kayla Halliday - 1st place, BC Winter Games

As parents of an athlete we want to be able to support our child in every way possible. The best way parents can help support their athletes is to lead by example so we read Christine’s 10 commandments for a great sports parent.
We were so inspired how Christine’s competitive mental toughness for parents helped us with not only sport related concerns but day to day life skills. 
Our daughter takes Christine’s competitive mental toughness training and has found great success with it now we can apply our knowledge from the Parent mental toughness booklet to give her the best support team possible.

Carla & Clay Halliday,

Parents  Coquitlam

Christine helped me skate my best & conquer my fear


Thank you Christine for helping me with my skating....and for encouraging me when I really needed it!  I skated my best and a clean program!

Kierana  //  Skater, Coquitlam Skating Club


Christine got me to the best shape of my skating career...

I have been working with Christine for 2 years, and I have never skated better, I am in the best shape of my career.

Larkyn Austman //  Olympic Figure Skater, Canada


Charlene - skater

Charlene is 10 years old and really loved being part of the group training.  She enjoyed connecting with the other skaters, learning her mindset skills and sharing experiences.

The tools used by Christine have helped Charlene to focus and be more confident.

For example, at a recent local competition, she skated her program and performed with confidence, including landing the jump that she was previously inconsistent with.  

But most of all she had fun and enjoyed the competition.

She is looking forward to joining a group again once her competitive season is over. The tools she learned are applicable not only to her skating, but she has applied it to her school work and has seen a difference when writing tests. Great course!

Washington, USA


Our daughter is so fortunate to have Christine Reeves Beleznay as her mental training coach. 

Her Competitive Mental Preparation classes have given our daughter the extra edge she needs.  Christine helps Kayla stay mentally strong and is always there to give great advice and support in every way possible.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing coach.

Ontario, Canada


“ I have been active all my life and graduated university with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  I thought I knew a lot about fitness.  

Since becoming a client of Christine 2 years ago, I have learned more about fitness and my own body than I ever thought I would.

She is knowledgeable in fitness and health, but more importantly, she knows how to transfer that knowledge to me in a way that makes it easy for me to understand and want to apply to my regular work outs.  She has a genuine interest in my health and fitness.  

She teaches me technique and form to help maximize my work outs and help with my chronic ailments.  She works me out mentally and physically. 

She has helped me with my strength, flexibility and balance, all the while having fun while working out.  She is professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  Just what I was looking for, in a trainer!

- Stephen Connell